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Two Simple Words
In this moment, the world which I view is turning so fast
I wish it would stop, this rollercoaster world
Or at least it should slow to reasonable speeds
Always so dizzy, spinning in circles with no clue what is where
I try to take a step but the world decides to meet my face instead of my foot
Nothing to do but get back up and try again, and again, and again for all my days
Forever stumbling, forever falling, forever spinning
Am I insane? My actions sure fit the definition: "Repeating the same actions, but hoping for different results"
I feel insane, I feel so dizzy, I need to get off this rollercoaster world
But wait, the ride is slowing, the spinning is slowing
I can see more clearly, I can see for miles instead of feet
This rollercoaster world is finally slowing down, slowing enough for a tentative step
I take that step, I wait to feel that familiar pain of the world smashing into my face, the taste of gravel and blood
I wait for what feels like an eternity, eyes screwed tightl
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Gather my Chains
All these chains are binding me. My arms, my legs, and even my soul. These chains are my shadow, they cannot be removed. I wish i were like Peter Pan, for then I could be free. Free from this and free from that. Free from all things unnecessary. That is all I want. But all of these... these expectations, these chains, they bind me down they strangle me. They're like a noose, and my feet refuse to stop twitching. Just clinging to life, refusing to let go. I don't want to die, but I just might choke.
If I cannot surface from these crushing waves, I will drown in my own attempts at accomplishment. I will not break, I will not bow, as the song goes. If you know the song, you know these lyrics, they are my mantra. Forever repeated in the confines of my head. My one true solace, my one release, is that of music. Words, screaming, whispering, shouting, pounding. They let me breathe, they let me see. The searing riffs, the blaze of drums, the roiling vocals, they show me a door. A do
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Prepare to Fall
This song of light
It's reached its height
As it falls
I walk these halls
Devoid of life
Yet full of strife
So sound the Bell
Tolling in Hell
The end of all
Now prepare to fall
:iconninja-spawn:ninja-spawn 1 0
The Blackened Rose
The blackened rose
Withered and near its end
Now in its final hours
Against Death's cold grip it cannot defend
With the grin of a skeleton
Death closes in
He finds his own joy
Through misery of men
He turns from the flower
His eyes ablaze
He returns to the rose
But it has escaped His gaze
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A Game of Chess
Hello! How goes it? Fancy a game?
How about some chess? Your color you may name
You chose the black?
They all say you are wack
But i know your ploy, to view my first move
For the move of a pawn, one space or two?
But why do you believe that it's the pawn who shall budge?
Perhaps after this, the match of a grudge?
Well it is certainly your choice
But my concern i must voice,
I am worried you'll fail,
That your bucket won't bail
Oh what a show!
Now it's your to go
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ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!! GUILD WARS 2 IS FINALLY OUT!! i get to pick up my copy later this afternoon. been waiting four years!! can't wait to get it!!
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